Grey Hair at a Young Age ? " Worry No More!! "


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Buy 3 Month Package ₹3750

Buy 2 Month Package ₹2500

Buy 1 Month Package ₹1250

Dr.Mukesh Aggarwal

Meet Your Doctor

Dr.Mukesh Aggarwal from VHCA Hair Clinic is the best option for you. He is one of the few Ayurveda Hair Specialist Doctors ( trichologist ) who expertise in treating hair related issues naturally. VHCA Hair Clinic has been treating hair related issues for more than 21 years.Dr. Mukesh Aggarwal, (a National Awardee in Ayurveda and Social Services) is a renowned ayurvedic physician, eminent speaker, and writer. He belongs to the 4th generation of VHCA Herbals. His modern methodologies have been instrumental in helping VHCA to scale new heights of ventures in to diversified portfolios.

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Buy 3 Month Package ₹3750

Buy 2 Month Package ₹2500

Buy 1 Month Package ₹1250

Frequently Asked Questions

Try our ayurvedic pre-mature greying hair package at least 3 months.

Yes, This package is safe.

Tricho Nasal Drops reduces itching from hair scalp and improves texture of hair.

Yes, Vardhini Hair Shampoo is a research-based product designed by VHCA Ayurveda for hair care. It contains a unique blend of herbs selected based on their proven efficacy in various clinical research studies. 

Yes, t provides natural proteins to hairs and increases blood circulation to the scalp. Herbs present in the oil promote melanin (naturally occurring pigment which provides colour to hairs and skin) production from melanocytes (cells which produce melanin) and make hair silky and shiny.

Yes, it turns grey hair into black &   it also enhances hair strength.